Scrap Metal In Indonesia

Scrap Industry in Indonesia was very suffer with local steel industry, because the price was so high, I am right here to challanging all over end suppliers of scrap yard worldwide to do business or export your scrap to Indonesia, the answer is YES, you choose the right way.

One day the Vice president of Indonesia, Mr Jusuf Kalla him self said that the local steel price must be change to lower, make it the industry become more stable and competitiveness, and he also offers the natural resources of Iron Ore deposited in Kalimantan and Sumatera islands for overseas entrepreneurs, especially those entreprises from Chinese and Indian for Iron Industry, to assisting the devisite of steel for local supply.

Please find Proforma Offer of HMS 1&2, origin PNG, just click page in the right side. Pictures of the raw material can be seen at http://www.imperiumcentrebiz.com, go to gallery.

Please to whom it may concerns, especially to end worldwide suppliers of scrap yard, just make up your decision to call me up as your right local broker partners to do scrap business in Indonesia, as you may know that Indonesia has 220 millions of peoples and 17.500 islands, accross from east to west equator, of course this country is the huge market for your scrap business to exported (my local buyers will imported from you).

Indonesia’s demanding of steel arround 4 million mt per year but the local industry only can feed up to maximum 2,5 million mt per year, the price is not competitiveness, that’s way this is blessing disguise for scrap traders like we do, just contact me and I will put your scrap to Indonesian traders who has very enough capital to do business with end suppliers.

Herewith I would like to offering you two opportunities, please read down bellow are as follow:

1. Scrap price of HMS 1 in Indonesia, at June 4th, 2008 cost around USD 675/MT up, its very big amount of profit and fortune, I want to challenging you to open your representative office here in my country Indonesia, the one who can be your business partner is me, I can arrange everything as yours and become very good local partner in business. We have to build local company in Surabaya or Jakarta, focused in importing scrap, no body know except me, that the company it self is yours, and we import (buy) scrap from your company overseas too! We make profit from price spread betwen local scrap price and and worldwide scrap price, the spread was so wide, don’t you interesting?

2. Mostly, Indonesia scrap traders using very old fashioned business metod, they never use LC/SBLC or bank instruments like that, because they only trade nation wide, true speaking these are big opportunities for broker like me to intermediatoring this trading betwen worldwide end seller/third party to end buyer in Indonesia, you just can imagine, why I do not direct working with steelworkers or steel company? Because the end buyers/traders still can absorb the price of importing scrap from worldwide, and working direct to end local Indonesia buyers is less beaurocration also than doing business with steelworkers.

Right now, I am trying very smart to change the mind set of local traditional end scrap buyers/traders in Indonesia, from trading conventionaly to using bank instrument i.e LC etc, and change from only depend on local stock suppliers to import the scrap from all over the world.

Thank you for your business.

Hary Setiawan, Mobile : 62.888.03137648

PT. Imperium Centrebiz, Surabaya-Indonesia

http://www.imperiumcentrebiz.com, http://besitua.wordpress.com


  1. i need various types of steel scrap from indinesia, such as edge slit, shor wire rods, short wires

  2. we have HMS 1/2 & USED RAIL for sell. contact us via mail benji.scrap100@rocketmail.com

  3. Hi Dear:
    We are metal trader and located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Basically, we buy Aluminum Scarps, Aluminum Print sheet, Al ingots for Bangladeshi vendors. Aluminum print sheet need to be Brick 18″ X 12″ in size and thickness 7″ to 8″. Please contact with us via e-mail which is motherlandmet01@gmail.com. We are looking forward to do business with your organization. I like to thank you ahead of time.

    Shams Rahman

  4. I WNT 5000 MT SCRAP PER MONTH . SCRAP LIKE HMS 1 , HMS 2, IRON ORE, COAL( SOUTH AFRICA AND INDONESIA),COKE ,BILLETS,PALLETS AT A RESONABLE RATE.An d this all i wnt in kandla , mundra, gandhidham,kutch ,gujarat,punjab,ahmedabad
    my contact number is 0091-9925702829

    • Dear Anuj

      I can supply 5000 tones per month and maybe more in the future of HMS 1, right notw my price FOB is 325 € which is high for Europe but it may be interesting for you, if you are interested please contact me 0034 691543538 or f_san_pio@hotmail.com, thanks, regards, Fernando

    • Dear Mr. Anuj,
      We have metal scrape from senegal & benin countries for HMS scrape 1 & 2 quality. Mostly we sent our cargo to dubai, indian and singapore companies. Our capacity can supply approx 200 – 300 cntrs/ months.

      for details please contact to our email : sahara_oasis62@yahoo.co.id
      Regards. Ria

    • Dear Anuj Yadav,

      We at A. P. Inspections have partnered with surveyors in Indonesia to provide inspection and certification services, to any companies attempting to import scrap materials. Let us know if we may be of any assistance.

      Ricardo Nunez Jr. (rnunezjr@apinspectionsusa.com)

      • We introduce AGRO GATE METALS LIMITED registered license company in Accra Ghana.

        We are looking for a very competent and reliable foreign company with duly reputable profile to buy from us metal scraps, Rail tracks, Caterpillar /aluminum etc. in large quantity from our company in Ghana.

        Kindly verify the product your company will be interested to buy.

        We wait hearing from you.

        Yours faithfully,

        Engnr.Chris Diallo

  5. Dear Sir.
    We are end sellers of metal scraps in Guinea Conakry-senegal-dakar and we have our own stock yard and site visit is encouraged. We have in stock at present; Hms 1&2; Used Rails; Copper Scrap; gold dust in large wuantity at very good rates. If interested get to us for more details.
    Thank you
    Mr.Ahmed cisse

  6. please send me more information thanks

  7. Great idea. It will be a challenge to change the minds of the local scrap metal merchants, but I am sure it will be a very rewarding experience.

  8. Does anyone need an inspection and certification for importing into Indonesia? We at A. P. Inspections have partnered with Indonesian Surveyors, to provide these services to scrap suppliers around the globe. Contact us at sales@apinspectionsusa.com, for more information.

  9. dear sir i have with me Hms 1and 2, used rails up to 3 million MT and above, at a very afordable rate compare to world wide market,you can contact me if you are in need of used rails or intrested in the business yard visite is highly welcome and recommended by our parners you can write me on my personal email address umar_mohamed@yahoo.com

  10. Dear Sir,

    I’m Myung-min, Kim who is working at The Steel, stainless scrap sales located in korea.
    I worked as stainless steel scrap sales manager around 10years and now I
    established own company for handling of steel scrap export.

    We are presently iooking for stainless steel scrap importer( exported korea).
    I am writing you to seek the possibility of establishing a business relationship with us. Our main goods are STS 304(ni 8% cr 16~18%), STS 430(cr 16~18%)

    You can send me email here : thesteel7@hotmail.com

  11. Good day everyone,
    I am Rizal from Malaysia looking for HMS 1&2 80:20 scrap metal to buy. I offer FOB price of usd 350 with the quantity of 100,000 metric tonne. I am only interested with scrap metal originated from Asian country. For any inquiry please email me at rizal@uniethos.com. Thank you and have a good day.


  12. Dear BUYERS & SELLERS For HMS & OTHER Scraps I Am
    ABDULSATHAR CHENNAI (INDIA) Doing All Type Scrap Arrange Supply Regular All INDIA & ABROAD Also.
    I Am Having ( All Type Scrap )END SELLERS&END BUYERS
    So,If You Need Scraps Please Contact BUYER&Seller Both.My Skype ID:sathar21 (Mob)+9149382198464

  13. Dear
    We are the accredited marketer for disposing of used railway parts and all kind of scraps products including precious metal such as Gold Dust, Uncut-Diamonds and Scrap Metal from West Africa, We are urgently looking for buyers from all over the World.We are contracted, to source for big time buyers of scrap metals of grade HMS1&2 R50 and R65 in used TRAIN RAIL, would like to deal with both bulk buyers as we are having over (75,000 metric tons) in deferent Scrap yards, also capable to export minimum of 60,000 to 75,000 MTS on monthly basis. Price.. FOB Ghana ..US350 and cuuting and loading fees is sperate
    All materials are totally free from any types of radiation; bombs, arms and ammunition, and explosive in any form either used or otherwise.Please confirm to us if you are willing to purchase as to enable us schedule and arrange for your urgent trip to Ghana for inspections of the materials and signing of the contract with us.
    Please be informed that upon hearing from you to this offer we shall forward our modus operandi and be waiting for your arrival date because these offer is on first come, first serve basis and our prices are reasonable.Kindly call to notify us when send Email/Fax for faster attention and incase you are not dealings on the above products, you can as well link us with buyers within your reach and have your commission as middle person in the transaction.Thanks and regards,
    Note we have scraps batteries to sell, 7,50,000,00MT

    John ,+233248306200


  14. Dear Sir
    We are village local Gold Miners from Rep. of Guinea, In West African. I am a Member of the Said village and in charge of Marketing, Advertising, we have Gold,Diamond,silver,cooper,wood,cashew,batteria,aluminium scrab and metal scrab. We need a buyer or an agent who will help us in marketing our product
    PHONE +22464587697
    EMAIL villagegoldminers@yahoo.com

  15. We are from india and looking for tungsten wire and GLS lamp filaments

    We buy scrap filaments & seconds and stock lots.

    We may pay a very good price for these and can buy in bulk.

    PHONE :+91-11-25931849
    FAX :+91-11-25117567
    Email :awfindia@rediffmail.com

  16. Dear Sir,

    We are small scale Gold miners in the guinea conakry.We have some
    quantity of alluvial Gold Dust /BAR ready for sale at a reasonable and
    considerable price . If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact
    us as soon as possible for us to give you our full co-operate offer
    (F.C.O). Also even if you are not prepared to buy our Gold now,you can
    look for a buyer that will buy our Gold through you so that you will
    benefit a commission from it as well. We sincerely use this medium to
    contact you to let you know what we have presently

    ORIGIN …………………………..GUINEA

  17. Dear Sir,
    I need large quantity of used or surplus carbon steel pipes from indonesia, we bought a big lot from kalemantan many years ago.
    pls let us know if you can sources it for us. it can be any diameter or sizes.
    e-mail : tan_hkiat@hotmail.com

  18. i have some product of scrap. need buyer and infor on latest scrap price

  19. Hi all,
    I am looking into importing scrap metals at resonable price to Kerala.Please quote price for all kinds of metals.

  20. Welcome to Africa local gold miners
    We are Local Village Gold Miners from Rep. of Guinea, In West African.
    We are Members of the Said Community and in charge of Marketing,
    Advertising, communication and sourcing potential diamond and gold
    dust buyers, agents/brokers or partners for our mined gold dust
    AU./DIAMONDS. Prior To The Latest Privilege Accorded Local Gold and
    Diamond Miners in Guinea Conakry Since April 2007 to Market and Sell
    Diamond and Gold Dust AU themselves, Thus my offer to AU Gold Dust and
    Diamond UNCUT Dust prospective buyers, Brokers, representatives,
    agents, intermediaries and partners willing To Establish Meaningful
    Business transaction that is Viable and Durable with us. Hence, I’m
    offering you a Fresh Gold Dust. AU for sale with the following
    specifications and details.
    Form…………………….. ……Gold Dust/nugget Powder.
    Quantity…………………. ….123kg – 500kgs and more.
    Quality/Purity……………. .. 22 carat or better.
    Finesse…………………. . …92% OR Better.
    Location…………………. …. Conakry
    Origin…………………… ….. Guinea .
    Gold bar Price per kg………………….$45, 000 USD/KG
    Gold dust price per kg…………….$40,000usd

    The interested buyer must come down to The Gambia to inspect , see ,
    test or melt it at his own cost ,


  21. hi i’m looking for scrap metals from indonesia to export to Kerala.Please give me more details on type and prices.

    • Hi claire

      please give your mail email i.d

      Suresh. J

      • Hi Claire,

        Indonesia gov has ban to export the scrap iron.
        Indo factory need to import more than 60%.
        Pls contact me in hnsparijs@gmail.com

  22. I’ve two narrow body airplanes MD90 for sale as scrap, it’s ONLY the fuselage/wings etc…no components. For more details, send me an email.

  23. Sellers may submit their steel scrap offers to: sales@2xpure.com

  24. Dear Sir/Madam,
    We are the exporters, traders as well as facilitators. We had a registered proprietorship firm with a valid export/trade license. We deal with all type of scraps (HMS1&2,SCRAP BATTERY,USED RAIL). We are now looking for the genuine buyer of metal scraps. We are exporting directly from our yard, so we can give a very competitive price in the market. Our mode of payment is by T/T as well by irrevocable letter of credit. Our payment terms are totally negotiable. If anyone interested to purchase the said material then please feel free to contact us without any hesitation. We will wait for positive and genuine offers from the respected buyers. Contact me through mail if you are interested, meltric.metals@yahoo.com


  25. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    we are exporters and traders. We are looking for agents/brokers in Indonesia market to export CRC baled scrap and know the current price going in Indonesia market for HMS1/2 and CRC baled scarp.

    • email add – jazzminboi@gmail.com

    • Dear sir,

      I am Indonesian, I have many buyer of scrap iron like used rail and HMS 1:2, or any scrap iron.
      If u are interesting and need any further information. Pls do not hesitate to contact me in : hnsparijs@gmail.com ; Skype : gudangscrap
      Mobile +6281317877896
      Thank u and regard

  26. Dear Sir,Dear Sir,

    We are Local Community
    Miners of gold and
    a sellers of uncut diamonds

    Kindly confirm your interest to send you our Manufest procedures

    We have Diamond ON. 24,975.15 Carat uncut diamods for sell and 61,510 Carat

    Gold Dust /22 Carat + with 92% Purity at $27,000 USD per Kg,

    Gold Bars /23 Carat + with 96% Purity at $29,000 USD per Kg.

    Origin: Mali

    Kindly confirm your interest so we can proceed.

    upon your respond i will send to you our FCO for proceed.

    Mr Ahmed diallo
    +223 66152653
    Rue 118 Baco Djicoroni Bamako mali

  27. We are a large demolition company in Nothern Australia and we specialise in breaking down mining and energy facilities. We have stock piles of heavy metal scrap, ferrous and no ferrous. We can container supply on a port to port CIF basis. We welcome you to come to Darwin to inspect the scrap.
    Mark Riedel

    • Pls send your offering price of HMS 1:2 cif Indonesia port.
      To my email : hnsparijs@gmail.com
      Skype : gudangscrap
      Mobile +6281317877896

  28. Our company is an endorsed mandate of some investors from Arabian Origin with lots of funds. We can

    deliver bank papers/Instruments (BG/SBLC/MTN) without an upfront Wire Transfer into provider’s account.

    We only want clients with ready funds for successful closure of the transaction and also they must be

    ready to show the proof of his funds. Interested clients should send an email to

    fundinvesmtents55@gmail.com ASAP as we have a lot of interested clients on our table. We don’t

    appreciate a long broker chains.

    Moroni Lorenzo

    I am looking for potential and reliable and regulars gold buyers who can sign at least five to six month or 1-2 years contract, I also, do sport deals on cash and cary basis at present I have some quantities of gold dust and bar for sales as
    Described below
    Product Gold Au(dust)
    Purity 92.8%
    Fines 22 Carat
    Origin Burkina-Faso
    Price; $27,500/KG

    If interested, do contact me immediately.

    I am looking for potential and reliable and regulars gold buyers who can sign at least five to six month or 1-2 years contract, I also, do sport deals on cash and cary basis at present I have some quantities of gold dust and bar for sales as
    Described below
    Product Gold Au(dust)
    Purity 92.8%
    Fines 22 Carat
    Origin Burkina-Faso
    Price; $27,500/KG

    If interested, do contact me immediately.

  31. Attention,
    We are mandate for small scale miners of ALLUVIAL GOLD CONCENTRATE from Central Of Africa, we now have in stock Gold dusts 100 kg and lingo/Bar 50 kg. Stock in Nairobi Kenya for sales and shipment with low tariff being a non gold mining country.


    1. Quantity:—-100KG DURST 50KG LINGO/BARS.
    2. Purity:—– 98.88%….96.99%….. / 23 karat
    3. Price:—— $32,000 per KG.
    4. Origin:—– Central of Africa.

    Buyers are free to visit our outlet inspect the gold and take sample for testing in any geological department as may be available or other bodies for clarifications.

    We accept pre- shipment cost payment to the refinery of buyers choice for final assay report,we do not accept C.I.F basis,Quantity less than 20 kg shall be on cash and carry basis.
    Interested buyers should contact us bellow.
    skype suliamon.hassan
    Tel +22967340231

    Waiting to receive your order.
    Suliamon Hassan

  32. Dear Sir/Madam

    We the end seller company has at the moment for supply the following metal scrap:

    Used rail (R50-R65)


    Steel scrap (Heavy melting Steel)

    Price: $270 CIF : $210 FOB

    Payment term: To be Discussed

    Origin: South Africa

    Port of Loading: Durban Seaport, South Africa

    Yard inspection: Allowed once the SCO is agreed

    Contact person: Engineer Frank Mthuli

    Email: systemscrap@hotmail.com

    Phone: +27738450150

    Skype: systemscrap100

    • Dear all,

      I have a buyer who looking for aluminium scrap, order 3,000mt x 12, target price is CIF usd 700/mt (including fee 5% for buyer team).
      Dest port, Greece and European port. Payment 100% LC. Any reliable and seriously seller send the reply to : hnsparijs@gmail.com
      Thank u.

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